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'We must make sure the culture of Test cricket sta

Jacques Kallis on the health of Test cricket, the allrounder's art, what South Africa's Under-19s must do now that they've tasted success and how he plans to stay whetted for one-day cricket, in a free-flowing Q&A session at Newlands

South Africa allrounder Jacques Kallis fielded questions as part of the Newlands 10th annual New Year's address on Sunday. He began by explaining how it felt to become an international cricketer:

I grew up not wanting to play for South Africa because we didn't have international cricket at that stage. I wanted to play provincial cricket and that was what I was working towards. To suddenly be exposed to international sport, your goals change. It was a major changing point in my life. It afforded me the opportunity to see places, meet people, explore other things.

Have you ever had a regret about retiring from Test cricket first, and have you missed it?
All good things do come to an end. The moment I had begun to lose a little bit of passion or I got a little bit tired, I'd have called it quits. Ideally, I would have liked to finish it at Newlands but everything happens for a reason. I have not missed it yet. I am still involved in the side quite a lot. I have been involved with the guys. We went on the camp before this series, in the bush. I still feel a part of it. Surprisingly, I have watched a little bit more cricket now than I did in my playing days. Life is a lot easier on the couch.

Everyone has a favorite ground, what is it about Newlands that is so special to you?
What better ground is there in the world? You've got the mountain, you've got beautiful weather, you've got great facilities. I grew up wanting to play at Newlands, bunking a few classes to come and watch matches. It's a magnificent place to play cricket. The crowds are always fantastic. They are always behind the guys. The memories play such a big role here.

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